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About Us


 I offer a unique combination of hunts where you will watch the sun come up over a fresh water inland lake while hunting the king of divers, the Canvasback from layout boats. Then we head South for a little better than an hour through National Forest Management Area habitat to the Gulf Coast for an up close and personal, in your face layout hunt for Redheads. Have you ever had dolphins swim through the decoy spread?!

 We will be hunting from an all welded custom 23 foot aluminum hull tender boat. I use two MLB Classic layouts primarily, but also have a MLB Supermag for taller hunters. I recommend wearing waders while in the layout boats for these hunts just to make sure you stay dry. Some hunters opt for waterproof bibs and those seem to work out fine as well. Space is limited in the layouts so huge blind bags aren't the most practical. The weather can go from mild to rather cold all in the same day so clothes suited for both are advised. I have plenty of dry storage area in the tender boat for your spare jacket/shirt, cameras, extra shells, and whatever you may bring that you want to make sure stays dry!

​       Thanks, Capt. Spencer Brannon


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