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Chris Price - South Carolina

Over the past 5 years, I have traveled extensively all over the United States hunting waterfowl, and a hunt with Captain Spencer Brannon, is always near the top for a fun hunt, for two of the top duck species in North America, Canvasback and Redhead.  Granted, there are other species taken with him, but these are the main two.  His main boat, decoys and layout boats, are all top notch.  Usually, guys charge extra to do a layout boat hunt, but with Spencer, a layout boat is the standard, and it gives the option to be much more versatile and much more successful than anyone else in the area.  Sometimes the afternoon Redhead hunt is done from one of many islands, but the layouts are a nice option.  Not many folks give much thought to Florida and duck hunting, but Florida has many great options to the outdoorsman, especially those wanting to get a trophy Canvasback and Redhead.  For those, I wouldn't recommend anyone but Captain Spencer Brannon.  


For many years, I had always wanted to catch a Redfish.  A couple afternoon Redfish trips paired up with some morning early bird season hunting for Common Moorhen, was just the ticket.  Spencer knows just the spot for both fish and birds, and the first afternoon of fishing, I caught my first ever Redfish, a nice 36" bull.  I was very excited, and Spencer was too.  We caught several more that afternoon and the next afternoon, I'm ready to go back and fish for them all over again.  Florida allows Redfish between 18-27" to be kept, and we were able to keep 5 between the two trips.  All the others we caught were over 27".  Definitely a great time to be had!


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